Consultation Services


Develop and implement effective media strategies to create, finance, produce and distribute intellectual properties.


LKM will identify TV writers and designers to collaborate with creative and commercial teams as well as curriculum consultants. LKM will direct the following activities:

Create Series Bible containing overall direction for series, content, character descriptions, storylines, sample script.

  • Determine format and design of series to maximize sales in US and worldwide.
  • Adapt book or other illustrations for TV animated characters and/or live action series.
  • Create pitch package including the Bible for presentation to network buyers and possible distribution companies for pre-sales, acquisitions, possible co-production.
  • Determine most effective strategy for production financing and identify partners for production, co-production and ultimately distribution.
  • Review financial models and evaluate proposals.
  • Present property to leading animation studios, producers/distributors.
  • Negotiate deals.
  • Direct/liaise with networks and production studios as Executive Producer.


  • Guide strategic distribution and targeted sales process for TV and home entertainment.
  • Present property in US and around the world to key network buyers, distributors, mobile phone and online content providers directly and at major media markets for pre-sales, acquisitions, possible co-production partners.
  • Negotiate business deals.


  • Strategic acquisitions for general entertainment and children’s networks.
  • Full services include identifying appropriate content, access to rights holders, and all negotiations.


  • Collaborate on overall strategy for consumer products and consumer promotions.
  • Overall management of worldwide brand building.
  • Bring all partners on board in a timely and coordinated manner.
  • Direct and manage the process once all partners are in place.